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It is important for your personal gear to fit perfectly and for it to perform properly.

Dive Connections has been serving Central Virginia for two decades and during that time they had certified over 3,000 new divers.  We know how to fit gear and we guarantee that you gear will be right for you. Please come in and see all that we have to offer from manufacturers like  Aqualung, Sherwood, Mares and many more.  But if your in a hurry and want a good quality set for not too much money and you want us to guarantee it, here is a package that we think you will be very happy with at a special price.

Please let us know a bit about you so we can make sure we provide you the best possible service.  We will call you to confirm your order and make sure your gear is waiting for you on your first day of class.  Remember, if for any reason it's not right for your we'll take it back and get you whatever will work best for you.

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... Now, go ahead an pick out your package. 
       .... Don't forget to add the special carry bag accessory package below!


The Basic Package
     Low Volume, Frameless Mask
     Slim Purge Valve Snorkel
     Rugged Quality Pulse Fins
     ErgoZip 5mm Booties
     Fins & Snorkel Color: Black or Blue





The Deluxe Aqualung Package
     ErgoZip 5mm Booties
     Airway Snorkel

Men -

     Infinity Mask
     X Shot Fins w/Spring Straps


Ladies -

     Linea Mask
     Shot FX Fins w/Spring Straps

Colors - Mens


Colors - Ladies




Put it all together!
Add a Deluxe Mesh Backpack

    Save $20 Off Retail Price
     & FREE 500 PSI Mask De-Fog

   Valid with purchase of any one of the above packages.
   Thank You and Happy Diving!!




Do come by and see us if you can. Click the logo below to go to our website for contact information, hours of operation, directions and so much more. 

Happy Diving!

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