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ScubaUVa instructors provide UVa Exclusive Group classes at reduced packaged rates.  ScubaUVa group classes are based on traditional materials and Dive Connections gives us a substantial price concession for our group classes.  Contact ScubaUVa leadership (see home page) for information about our group classes.  Oh, and if you nee personal gear, mask, fins, snorkel... click here. We appreciate you supporting our sponsor and they will give you special ScubaUVa attention.

Open Water Introduction (Discover Scuba)

If you are interested in learning to dive, come try out our Discover Scuba program.  This is the first step in the Open Water Course where we get everyone comfortable in the equipment, in the water and introduce the initial skills of diving.  The cost of this class experience is $35.  You provide nothing else and can easily stop at this point.  If you want to go forward the $35 is refunded once you pay your tuition for the Open Water Certification course.

Next Session:  Sunday, September 14, 2014     

 1-4pm Fairview Pool  Register for the
Introduction only - $35

Open Water Continuing Certification

Should you wish to continue the class and earn your certification, you will enroll in the Open Water Course and be provided materials where you will learn about the physics and physiology of diving and of the environment and safety procedures.  There will be a formal course Orientation and then two Academic Review sessions.  You'll enjoy two more pool session where you will develop skills and understanding of divine procedures in a clam controlled environment,  Finally you will do 4 dives over two days at our training site, Lake Rawlings.

MaterialsThe materials package includes the PADI Manual, Dive Tables, and log book among other material.  We ask that you read the 5 chapters in the text and complete the knowledge reviews at the end of each chapter.  We will review your answers, answer all of your questions and administer quizzes in a class room session to be sure you are fully prepared.  Ask your club representative for detail on the times and locations for this review.

Review & Scuba Skill Building:   There will be two pool session usually on a Saturday nad Sunday at Fairview Pool.  Want extra pool time?  Just ask. We want you to be ready and comfortable going into Open Water. 

Rental Scuba Gear:  We provide all the scuba gear you will need to learn to dive for both the pool session and the open water certification dives.  We ask that you provide your own personal gear; mask, snorkel, fins and booties.

Personal Gear:  Mask, Snorkel, Fins & Booties: Bring your own or get it from us, but a properly fitting, quality set of personal gear is a must for you are going to enjoy scuba or snorkeling wherever you may go.  Don't scrimp here or you won't be comfortable in the water.  Our sponsor, Dive Connections, has a full array of gear to meet every desire.  Want full service and wide selection, then please go by the shop.  They also provide a special package for those who would like us to just have the gear for you on the first day of class and know that someone locally will stand behind it.  Dive Connections will even let you exchange it at full value after using it in the pool.  Click on the link at the bottom of the page for more information.

Open Water Certification Dives: After completing the Knowledge and Skill building portions, you will be able to complete your certification by performing 4 open water dives under the supervision of an Instructor.  These dives assure that you will comfortably transition your skills from the pool to the ocean or other open water venue.  The cost of these dives are included in your course fee along with the Scuba Park entry fees of $56.

Schedule Overview - Fall 2014

Sunday, September 14 1-4 pm Intro to Open Water Fairview Pool
Monday, September 15 TBD Course Orientation On Grounds
Thursday, September 18 TBD Academic Review On Grounds
Saturday, September 20 9-12am Academic Review Dive Connections
  1-5pm Pool Sessions Fairview Pool
Sunday, September 21 1-5pm Pool Sessions Fairview Pool
Weekend, September 27-28   Diving and Camping Lake Rawlings

Costs for everything discussed above except the personal scuba package is specially priced for our
Scuba Club members at  - $599



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